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Πως μπορεί να μας βοηθήσει το Focusing

Το Focusing μπορεί να μας διδάξει πώς :

  • να έλθουμε σε επαφή με βαθύτερα στρώματα της ύπαρξής μας και έτσι να γνωρίσουμε τί πραγματικά αισθανόμαστε και τι πραγματικά θέλουμε.
  • να συμφιλιωθούμε με τον εαυτό μας και να τον αποδεχτούμε όπως αληθινά είναι.
  • ν' αποκτήσουμε, ή και να βελτιώσουμε, τη σχέση μας με το σώμα μας.
  • να παίρνουμε σημαντικές αποφάσεις, μ' εμπιστοσύνη στον εαυτό μας, την κρίση μας και την αξιολογική μας ικανότητα.
  • να μετατρέψουμε την αυτοκριτική και την ασάφεια των "μηνυμάτων" μας, όσον αφορά στην προσωπική, επαγγελματική και κοινωνική μας ζωή, σε ισχυρούς συμμάχους.
  • να βιώσουμε ηρεμία, δυναμισμό και απόλαυση της ζωής

Επίσης μπορεί να συνδυασθεί με την θεραπεία μας και έτσι αυξήσει την αποτελεσματικότητά της

Τηλ. +30 210 6459459 - e-mail: - User:
Focusing And Dreams, May 7th And 8th 2016, Athens

Focusing and Dreams, May 7th and 8th 2016, Athens

Εισαγωγική γνωριμία με το Focusing:
Παρασκευή 6 Μαΐου: 7 μμ – 9 μμ

Ώρες εργαστηρίου:
Σάββατο 7 Μαΐου: 10πμ – 7 μμ
Κυριακή 8 Μαΐου: 10 πμ – 2 μμ

The phenomena of dreaming

Evolution brings forth nothing unnecessary. Dreaming has a profound reason (for all mammals), and is not yet fully unraveled by scientists. In psychology we know dreams are not just psychic leftovers from our everyday life. Their symbolic meaning helps a person to understand a problem. But dreams are even more than that. Our body interacts in dreams, our psyche interacts in dreams, our soul interacts in dreams. Dreaming also includes other dimensions of being, that are not directly part of our physical life. We exist fuller than we really know. Dreams can give us a glimpse about that.

Your dreams offer you answer to questions you have forgotten

  • about your past and your future
  • about your behavior and your psyche
  • about your physical health and social wellbeing
  • about your spiritual life and your everyday issues
  • about your fears and hopes, happiness and grief
  • about your interests and talents

Your source of your dreams never judges nor blames nor punishes you. It always comes from a friendly attitude of support. It is the part of you that knows more. That’s why Focusing is the ideal entrance to your dream life. It connects you to the fuller ‘you’ and leads to an understanding of your own dream language. Dreams tell you about edges, potentials and possibilities of your live, tell you about ‘unfinished business’, about emotional involvement, that need your attention.

Workshop content

We will explore dreams and dreaming in many exercises. Using Focusing we will touch topics like

  • how is the relationship between you and your dreams, how do you feel about your dreams
  • how do you remember your dreams: don’t get any visual impression , rarely, every morning
  • as bits and pieces, long stories, fragments, bodily and emotional mood

Above all there will be space for your dreams you remember, your interest and your questions about them.

The workshop days will build up in a Focusing way and will unfold as we go along step by step with your dreams.

I am excited to meeting you in this class.

Workshop Leader


Teresa Dawson, Switzerland

Certifying Coordinator of the International Focusing Institute

32 years of professional experience in working as a psychotherapist in Zurich and teaching Focusing, TAE and Focusing Dream Work in Europe and New York.

Many years of cooperation with Gene Gendlin, especially in Dream Work


Hellenic Focusing Center, L. Alexandras 79, 5th floor 

Workshop fee

(two days participation: May 7th and May 8th, 2016)

Please do ask for more information or make your registration:

Contact George Tsatsas,
staff member of the Hellenic Focusing Center:

tel./fax: +302106459459

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